About Us

SIS Inc has a strong reputation as a business and information technology consulting company. We assist enterprises, organizations and government agencies maximize their corporate information in their database using best in breed, best in class Business Intelligence software solutions.

Our values are integrity, leading change, excellence, and respect for the individual, learning and sharing. Our success is based on our ability to be flexible while adhering to a strict project management methodology. Large and small organizations alike enjoy our personalized, highly responsive customer service SIS Inc. is your partner for a wide spectrum of IT services including Information Systems Strategy about usPlanning, Quality Assurance , Customized Software Solutions, Packaged Software Implementation, Migration, Web Solutions, Porting and Staff Augmentation.

We have created an environment for our clients resulting in improved efficiencies, reduced costs, deliverables ahead of schedule and customer satisfaction.. SIS Inc is a leading information technology (IT) services company that specializes in providing complete consulting solutions and staff augmentation to its clients. We provide on-time, on-budget, quality service to our clients and consistently meet their expectations. We are known for our superior execution on a sustained basis.

Our Business Intelligence offerings integrate data from various services to power precise analyses – product profitability, detailed customer profiles and spending habits. SIS Inc empowers your decision makers by delivering the information needed to stay ahead in competitive industries. World class analytical expertise, best-of-breed BI package proficiency, rigorous business methodologies – SIS Inc gives the solutions you are looking for.

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We are passionate about providing new and innovative technology solutions and staffing solutions to our clients, to assist them in delivering their long-term business goals.                        



These solutions are tailored to assist our clients in delivering informed decisions through analysis of their corporate information.


We provide creative, cost-effective, and practical talent solutions for private and public sector entities in need of technical expertise.


We consistently provide competent, reliable professionals services and comprehensive solutions to do a good job and make your life easier.


Our Values make all the Difference
We embrace the highest moral, business, and personal standards of honesty, trust, loyalty, and integrity in all aspects of its operation.

Integrity: Representing our company in a manner that establishes strong, positive relationships in business and the community.

Loyalty: Realizing results through mutual commitment, trust, support, and the willingness to go beyond expectations.

valuesHonesty: Practicing fairness and sincerity on all levels of our client and expertise relationships.

Trust: Supplying our clients with customized staffing solutions that yield consistently dependable high-quality results for their business.

Teamwork: Striving for collaborative solutions to business issues and opportunities.

Quality: Exceeding needs and expectations through our qualifying process and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Why SIS?

Why we make a difference
We work with organizations of all sizes to provide, simple, flexible, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to each client’s business models. We provide end-to-end services in terms of project management, systems implementation and support. Through customer specific strategies, operational efficiency and our dedicated and experienced consulting team we go above and beyond to help clients’ craft and execute winning business models.

Customer Specific Strategies
Specific Business Strategy is the key to an enterprise’s success. We understand the importance and power of successful business strategies. We provide consulting recommendations to our clients only after studying exhaustively and in depth the nature of their business, their visions and goals. All our recommendations and advice are client specific to provide them with a winning result.


Operational Efficiency
Breakthrough operational performance is very essential to drive the enterprise into profitability. Minor errors or mistakes in operations may greatly affect the enterprise. Operational efficiency plays a vital and critical role at every stage of the business enterprise. We have learned from our prior experiences that the best operational strategies are gained and inferred by a thorough understanding of our clients’ vision in addition to their value proposition and business model. These valuable and rich insights enable our professional team to evaluate our critical recommendations for a successful operational model and return on investment.

Consulting Team: Experienced, Dedicated & Passionate
All our clients who has worked with SIS will tell you that our consulting team is highly committed to getting the job done right the first time regardless of the obstacles. Their passion and dedication garners extraordinary client loyalty and repeat business.

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